Risk and Compliance Opportunities in Technology

Our approach to investing technology in risk and compliance opportunities

We invest our technology and business capability in opportunities that provide companies with BRAND ASSURANCE. We create these opportunities together with content experts to commercialise industry knowledge that disrupts the risk and compliance landscape by:

  • empowering clients through cloud-based technology;
  • making them more self-sufficient;
  • enabling control of critical brand assurance functions

We strive to be innovators and drivers of this paradigm shift by empowering and enabling early adopters and partners, and by making solutions available on usage or consumption based pricing models.

We create opportunities together with content partners who bring their specific industry knowledge and intellectual property that in turn provides custom solutions to private or public clients.

We invest our technology platform and expertise to develop custom solutions into which content expert’s specialist knowledge can be encapsulated in a direct, easily accessible manner, suitable for distribution to current and future clients.

As a technology company with a proven track record of developing secure cloud-based applications, we are capable of delivering and investing cost effective service-based solutions via the internet; enabling our partners and businesses to respond rapidly to opportunities and global economic pressures.

We create risk and compliance based solutions, driven by the opportunity requirements that provide for both business process and data centric needs across industry sectors.

Metior’s Business Rules Engine provides the infrastructure for the capture of regulatory rules, process rules, policy information or best practices in such a way that the level of compliance to each can be evaluated, monitored and validated, at multiple levels within an organisation.

The Upload Manager, Data Rules Engine, Submission Manager and Data Collection platform components combine to provide all data-centric development capability.

This combined platform capability enables the development of risk and compliance focused solutions that include specific applications for risk assessment, data source cataloguing, incident and breach management, transaction reporting, data submissions, as well as on-going compliance evaluation and monitoring.

Examples of risk and compliance solutions developed for specific opportunities include the following:

  • Risk Register
  • Compliance Universe
  • Compliance Assessment System (CAS)
  • Data Resource Catalogue
  • Incident (Breach) Management
  • Supplier (Vendor) Vetting
  • Policy Compliance Monitoring
  • Process Adherence
  • Policy Distribution
  • Regulatory Compliance Evaluation
  • iTax
  • ISACOM 100 Submission
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Data Submissions


Content or subject matter experts can commercialise their industry knowledge by exploiting technology for distribution to public or private clients

Business is empowered through technology that automates and provides control in areas that are typically outsourced or manually managed to:

  • streamline consulting engagements
  • use technology to reduce overheads
  • introduce cost-effective service based models
  • increase customer engagements

Usage or transaction based pricing does away with expensive user based licensing, aligning spend with actual usage and operational demand

Decision makers are empowered through comprehensive reporting at operational and summary levls, providing comparisons across a company, enterprise or industryMettis’ Metior platform is a comprehensive cloud-based platform designed to facilitate the development of risk and compliance solutions, and is flexible enough to address issues or business needs whether data-centric, business function focused or industry based.

It comprises of a methodology, an architectural framework and a toolkit that ensures rapid development and deployment, and employs a set of modular processes that provide quality, data-centric services.


With embedded tools providing technical ability, and frameworks comprising business capability, Mettis is able to exploit the Metior platform to create solutions together with its content partners that companies can use themselves.

New opportunities providing solutions to address specific market requirements are managed via our MetLab process, without the downside of having to establish the infrastructure, applications and support structures from scratch.

Our platform facilitates the deployment of technology solutions without the added cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying software on which the platform is built. All hardware management and hosting capabilities are also taken care of, providing an accessible vehicle for the immediate implementation of solutions across;

  • an enterprise
  • a client base
  • an industry


  • Cloud-based
  • 24x7x365 availability
  • Fast and efficient deployment
  • Speed-of-delivery
  • Centralised administration and configuration
  • Global distribution capabilities
  • Zero technology footprint
  • User-friendly interfaces require very little technical aptitude

Can be used independently by business users, without impacting internal IT Systems or development schedules


We use industry leaders in Hosting and Data Centres who are responsible for ensuring maximum uptime, backups and operating system upgrades under strictly monitored Service Level Agreements. All solutions are hosted in a secure server environment, using firewalling and latest anti-virus technology. Applications and platforms are protected by SSL certification, which is deployed and managed by Mettis. Furthermore, all user identification is logged against all relevant transactions to create comprehensive audit trails.

The Metior platform employs a set of modular processes that provide quality, data-centric services enabling the measurement, verification, comparison, submission, and classification of various data objects and sources, leaving specialist-developers sufficient scope to handle any specific requirements.

The breadth of the platform's toolkit, with re-useable components, allows Mettis to address business process and data management requirements, dealing with complex business and data rules. The main benefits the platform provides are;

  • re-usable components that expedite development
  • speed-to-market through rapid development capabilities
  • integration between modular components as well as 3rd party applications
  • automation of business processes within the risk and compliance landscape
  • efficient and scalable management of data
  • flexible and comprehensive reporting capabilities with dashboards and heat-maps


  • The Management Framework deals with the following functions:
  • Client Management
  • User Management
  • User Access Menu
  • Functional Rights
  • Help Management


Bulk data can be uploaded in a number of standard formats (csv, fixed length, spread sheet). The Upload Manager stores the data as an image, and then allows it to be structured and mapped into pre-defined schemas, while checking the fit and format of each data element.


The Data Rules Engine enables the entry of configurable Data Compliance Rules, against which various data sources can be checked. Pass and failure thresholds can be configured.


The Submission Manager has a number of sub-components which assist the developer in creating the processes around submission and response management.


The Business Rules Engine provides the infrastructure for the capture of regulatory rules, process rules, policy information or best practices in such a way that the level of compliance to each can be evaluated, monitored and validated, at multiple levels within an organisation.


Data Collection supports the collation of data subjects from disparate sources, together with a framework for providing a consolidated view.


The Report Manager facilitates the implementation of reports across various platform services and clients. It also handles delivery rules, configuration of delivery mechanisms, reporting structures and access.

As a technology investor Mettis’ primary external function comprises of partner and opportunity management, ensuring that all business and technology functions relating to investment opportunities are identified, assessed, and managed through the entire opportunity life-cycle.

The services that may be applied to an opportunity include the following:

  • Opportunity identification, assessment and evaluation
  • Commercial modelling and contracting
  • Business analysis and scoping
  • System, architecture and solution design
  • Technical development
  • Service desk and technical support
  • Hosted platform management

These core technical and business capabilities enable us to bring the following benefits to our partners and opportunities themselves;

  • The ability to deliver
  • Speed-to-market with solutions
  • Global delivery capability and infrastructure
  • Rapid prototyping of new solutions
  • Flexible commercial modelling
  • Custom solutions driven by specific opportunity requirements

Following is a closer look at our core capabilities and specific benefits.


Mettis manages the dedicated cloud-based Metior platform hosting environment, provided by industry leaders in Hosting and Data Centres in Germany. This cloud based platform enables us to provide and manage technology solutions globally.


Mettis has an excellent track record of developing and investing its technology in opportunities based in South Africa as well as the United Kingdom.

Solutions have provided for a full spectrum of business process and data-centric risk and compliance applications.


All opportunities are subjected to a rigorous due diligence process via Mettis’ MetLab process, designed to facilitate an initial quick turn-around time for decision making. Opportunities subsequently pursued are then managed through a detailed process including business analysis, business case development, commercial modelling, and technical design.


As a company actively seeking opportunities in which to invest its technology, Mettis is by very nature entrepreneurial. With flexible approaches to pricing, a robust and hugely capable technology platform, as well as the ability to rapidly develop prototypes, Mettis is able to be opportunistic, capitalising on the ever-increasing demand for technology-driven solutions in an increasingly complex risk and compliance landscape.


Over its many years of existence, Mettis has acquired the services of specialist skills and resources to enable the creation and management of opportunities, together with the requisite delivery and investment of the technology solutions to support it.


By investing technology in opportunities, Mettis is able to remove barriers to entry for its partners, enabling the commercialisation of industry knowledge.


The creation of new opportunities and related solutions is preceded by the MetLab process to ensure that a thorough due diligence process is adhered to. We have developed and refined this methodology to facilitate opportunity assessment and creation, as well as the development of new solutions. The MetLab process comprises the following main functions:

  • Business or Opportunity Feasibility Study - function that determines whether development and implementation is feasible from a market domain and financial perspective (includes drafting of Business Case, Business Requirements Specification and handover to Design)
  • Satisfy Solution Requirements – this function deals with the design, development and documentation phases, with final handover to Operations (includes the compilation of the Technical Design, Project Plan and Solution Documentation)



Published: February 2015
By: Anthony Smith

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