Regulatory Developments

What seems like an overwhelming tide of regulatory change often leaves firms with no time to get on with the business of both running their firm and serving their customers. For many, what is required is someone to just tell them in simple terms what has happened and where they need to change to make sure they remain compliant.

Whether it comes from Europe or home regulation does not matter so long as you know what it is and have the systems and controls in place to cope with it. Even some of the biggest firms cannot put their hand on the heart and be sure regulatory change is happening in practice.

We are also able to provide procedures for international regulatory change including regulatory and tax reporting in various jurisdictions.

If you don't have time to review regulatory change why not sign up to a regulatory update service giving you the latest in regulatory developments in a short and concise fashion? Summaries and bullet points with issues highlighted specific to your business.

Make sure your firm has its finger on the button and come to AJS Consultancy Services compliance consultants for the latest on regulatory change – Contact us via our Contact Page.

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