Platforms the Future

The head long rush into platform technology has been taken on by the life companies wishing to continue doing business post RDR as well as taken on enthusiastically by the wealth managers.  AJS Consultancy Services has been at the heart of these developments creating new investment companies for life insurers and processing their Part IV applications as well as working with the leading platform provider on delivering compliant solutions.

Understanding the corporate structures and permissions necessary is at the heart of taking forward a solution to market.  However, the practicalities of creating the right operational structures that sit behind the technology cannot be overlooked.  Daily reconciliations and management of assets on a platform with the right structure for bank accounts and nominee companies makes all the difference.  Certainly the regulator prefers to see the provider owning the assets and the money.

Of course advisers have to choose the right platform or combination of platforms for their customers.  The additional costs have to be weighed against the additional flexibility and ease of switching fund managers and assets in a volatile market.

A new phenomenon of workplace savings is also about to emerge with several traditional packaged product providers joining the fray.  Here the necessities for tools and information that can guide employees through the maize of financial products is essential.

AJS Consultancy Services is at the heart of the practicalities understanding platforms from the inside out.  Who else can help you provide a compliant result?



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