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Published: May 2019
By: Anthony Smith

By now you are probably fed up with Brexit but unfortunately financial services firms cannot ignore it.

Overall brexit is bad for business and the threat of no deal has created huge anxiety and costly planning.  Hopefully a deal will be reached and a smooth transition will follow if Brexit still goes ahead.

There may also be opportunities ahead and new international deals may yet follow though they will take time to negotiate and there is no quick fix.....


Platform Transformations

Published: March 2019
By: Anthony Smith

Since 2009 I seem to have been mostly occupied working on various platform projects from creating new platforms with inevitable FCA applications, to various CASS projects and most lately platform transformation.

In many cases the alarming behaviour of some executives borders on the delusional.....


Traded v Settlement - CASS

Published: January 2019
By: Anthony Smith

Asset reconciliations on platforms have been completed on a traded basis in line with statements provided by fund managers.  The CASS rules are silent on the basis of reconciliations, although it is clear that the settled outcome reflects the true position of stock held in the trading cycle.  However, reconciling on traded basis does allow for some forward view of the position of trade and cash reflecting the commitment of client money to traded assets.....


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