Enterprise Risk Management

Recording and reporting risk events and breaches should not be that painful and connecting these up with corporate risk frameworks and obtain a global overview of risks at different levels.  Using platform technology that is cloud based enables fast implementation in a matter of weeks dependent on the client to provide the hierarchy and risk details for registering.

We do not charge licence fees but charge by usage which makes life a lot simpler and the costs easier to manage.

The main board has a different view of risks to a local area but can easily identify trouble spots and deal with them.  Rather than rely on spreadsheets a database can see through individual reports including associated evidence without any difficulty.

From the most basic requirements to the most complex and global company we can manage your requirements and allow risk analysts to focus on developing the risk framework rather than inputting from paper forms and spreadsheets.  You will also be able to configure a variety of reports to give greater clarity in reports to boards, management and regulators.


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