The litigious society we all live in is part of everyday reality and affects the professional indemnity premiums we all have to pay. On the other hand complaints should really be viewed as a gift from the customer and something that can inform the way you run your business and feed through to every day administration and product performance.

You need compliance consultants to provides a complaints procedure and a basic guide for the customer to comply with the requirements of the rules. With these in place you need to make sure everyone knows how to handle a complaint so complaints are dealt with promptly and appropriately escalated. 

Once the complaint arrives in the right place you need a recording system for internal management information and learning from the customer, as well as reporting to the regulator. You also need to see if it can be dealt with on the spot or needs a more thorough investigation. These things need to happen promptly and efficiently so you treat customers fairly and reduce the costs and consumer detriment of protracted correspondence.

Complaints have remained a prime focus for regulatory supervision and been the source of a number of enforcement actions. To review your procedures, create a template complaints leaflet and handle complaints correctly AJS Consultancy Services can help. 

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