The time for producing the Client Money and Assets Return (CMAR) is fast approaching and firms are pulling together their data ready to go to the FSA. Data is required from 1 October and must be submitted within 15 business days of the month end i.e. 19th November 2011.

Our Cloud technology powered by Mettis provides the right tool to complete the return in a fully automated format so the figures can be ready to be submitted in moments.  We also have the capability to submit your return if required or present the data ready for entry onto GABRIEL and off to the FSA.

Software as a service enables us to advise on the requirements and specify your return exactly to your requirements.  Understanding data and transforming it into useful information is essential and the right tool for the job saves many hours of effort in manual processing.

Just give me a call on 07778 136089 to discuss your requirements.


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