Cloud Technology

Risk and Compliance can be captured as a single source of truth with breach recording and risk mapping and analysis that can feed into ICAAP.  Real time data can be stored and analysed with multiple secure access points allowing data to be retrieved remotely through the cloud without the need for sensitive data to be held on laptops or PCs and enabling access without the need for third party software (e.g... no matter what version of Microsoft Office is installed).  Spreadsheets cannot provide adequate reporting or analysis and do not allow comparisons over time which can be essential when comparing risk mapping across various time periods.  However data can easily be extracted in XML formats to any software providing much greater flexibility and enabling risk and compliance staff to focus on professional analysis rather than being data entry clerks.

We have developed a MiFID tool with a global consultancy to improve transaction reporting.

The ISA return can take an age with a single error creating a rejection from HMRC.  With an established technology provider AJS Consultancy Services has developed a solution that will interrogate your data and produce an accurate return right first time.  We also have a solution for S18 and EUSD as well as registered pension scheme reporting. 

The ISA100, ISA10 and 14 can occupy at least 60 man days per annum to complete through normal manual processes using spreadsheets.  We can reduce this to a matter of minutes from loading the data to receiving the output in seconds.  Similar benefits can be achieved through pension reporting and FCA returns making considerable efficiencies.

Software as a service ensures the solution always complies and creates the right result.

Turning raw data into knowledge.



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