2nd Annual Conference European Financial Directives

2nd Annual Conference European Financial Directives
6 March 2007 London

During East week 2006 we saw around 100 people attend the inaugural European Financial Directives conference in London. This followed a successful event in Brussels’ which was repeated this November to a full house. These events have proved very popular but conscious of the fact that a number of delegates were unable to attend due to the Easter holidays we have chosen a date when as many as possible should be able to make it. We’ve also responded to those who could not make it to Brussels but will find a venue in the heart of London ideal. With another star line up of speakers from the European Commission, UK regulators and politicians as well as the leading commentators and industry speakers we expect this event to be very popular and urge you to book early and take advantage of the early bird discount. A free bottle of champagne awaits those of you who can book by the end of the year!

The FSA have certainly taken the many recently implemented European Directives to heart and not only used MiFID as a catalyst for change but incorporated Directive copy-out across several different Directives in its New Conduct of Business rules. For those who have tended to wait for an FSA consultation paper you will find the new rules full of directive references to the DMD, IMD, CRD and MiFID Implementing Directive to name just some of the key Directives cross-referenced. It is clear that European legislation is not only influencing our regulation but driving harmonisation across the EEA and effectively writing the rules we all have to adhere to. Achieving changes at this stage can only impact on interpretation but you cannot change what has already been written in European law.

Through this conference we aim to reflect on what has gone before and understand how European legislation is influencing the regulatory agenda. We want to examine the review of the Financial Services Action Plan as well as touching on MiFID implementation and the wider wholesale and retail agenda. In the afternoon we will focus on the proposed mortgage white paper and general insurance with an insight into how firms can look into their crystal ball and influence the shape of future legislation.

Confirmed speakers include:

Sven Gentner, Financial services policy Unit, DG MARKT, European Commission
Chris Pickles, Chairman, MiFID Joint Working Group & Manager, Industry Relations, BT Radianz
Andrew Heywood, Deputy Head of Policy, Council of Mortgage Lenders
Rachel Kent, Head of Financial Services Department, Lovells LLP

• Why do we have all this European legislation?
• How can I influence the future direction of regulation?
• What is coming down the road from Europe?
• Do I wait for the FSA to interpret it for me?
• Can I afford to miss this conference?

We hope to give a comprehensive answer to all of these questions leaving the only answer to the last question as ‘no’. If you attend any conferences this year then this is definitely the one not to miss.

Anthony Smith

Published: December 2006
By: Anthony Smith

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